Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 25th Year to the Merced Fly Fishing Club

Our friends of the Merced Fly Fishing Club will be celebrating their 25th anniversary on March 12th with a
fundraiser. GWWF has been supportive of this club in their efforts of restoring a self-sustaining rainbow trout/
steelhead fishery on the lower Merced and our involvement in the dam relicensings. Last year, the Merced club was successful in obtaining two grants totaling $150,000 to procure spawning gravels which will be put into the river by DFG this year to benefit steelhead. They also are in the process of collecting fin clips of the fish in the Upper and Lower Merced River for genetic analysis by Carlos Garza of the National Marine Fisheries Service. 

The Merced Fly Fishing club also has a successful “Young Fly Fishers on the Water” program where they take the top 10 middle-school science students in Merced out to the Kelsey Bass Ranch for a day of fly fishing instruction and fun. So, I want to particularly tip my fishing straw hat to Ken Jensen, Vice President and Dr. Michael Martin, Conservation Director, for their strong dedication and persistence to this little known, but special fishery. Just take a look at the photo below to see one of their wild beauties.

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